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Paris being Paris, we refuse to choose only one ScheckTrek Pick—and it would be a disservice to our readers and clients to attempt that. On a recent 2015 trip to Paris we stayed at both the Four Seasons George V and Le Meurice, and we had a private tour of the Shangri-La. Below we share the treasures with all of you.

Four Seasons George V

Al & Vicki Scheck with the Sales Manager at George V

George V is considered by some to be the best hotel in the world. The first day we were there, we were approached by a half-dozen staff—all of whom knew our names—letting us know that if we needed anything, they were at our disposal. It was very impressive. Also impressive is the fact that George V orders 9,000-14,000 flowers a week!


Click here for a photo tour of the fabulous Four Seasons George V.




Le Meurice

Al & Vicki Scheck with the Sales Manager for Le Meurice, which in 2015 celebrated its 180th anniversary.

(Above) Vicki with William Oliveri, Director of Le Bar 228, who has been with Le Meurice since 1978 and who knew personally Salvador Dali, a frequent guest.


(Left) M. Oliveri discusses the magical atmosphere of the bar at Le Meurice and his special brand of Bellini.

Shangri-La Hotel Paris

Al (the photographer) and Vicki Scheck enjoy the wealth of detailed information provided by the Director of Business Development at the Shangri-La Hotel Paris. The hotel is the former palace of Napoleon Bonaparte’s grandnephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte.

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