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ScheckTrek Travel organized a 12-day tour of Turkey, with meetings, for 79 travelers from 6 countries.

Some of the following comments came from this group.


"Let Another's Mouth Praise You"

(ancient proverb)

We appreciate the kind words of our clients! Additional 5-star reviews are on Yelp and

J.S, Exeter, UK (2020)

We really do appreciate all the love, concern and professionalism you continue to send us. The level of information you have been providing has been top rate. Thank you so much for your ongoing care for our well being.

R.L., Wichita, Kansas (2019)

It’s so exciting (and somewhat surreal) to be a world traveler! Growing up with no money, I never thought it would happen. Thanks, Vicki Scheck for helping me make some dreams come true!

S.C., Anaheim, California (2014)

1st-do you ever not work? It's Sunday and we got an email, along with other late night emails from questions and inquiries during this! You need a day off! :)

2nd-you are awesome! The cruise was great! Your service and attention to detail is second to none! Everything went smoothly, and no stone left unturned!

3rd-thank you for everything!... I truly appreciate and understand more than ever the benefits of using an agent and will definitely recommend you to anyone needing help with travel.    

E.K., Arcadia, California (2017)

Enclosed is a little gift to thank you for all the work and energy you expended this year as always towards our trip to Alaska. It's wonderful to have a person in your position that I can count on implicitly. Thanks again.

L.W., Nashville, Tennessee (2017)

We can't begin to tell you how much we trusted you to make the cruise a success, and we were not disappointed. It was just grand for us all. You are a pleasure to work with and the attention to detail is beyond perfection.

C.J., La Habra Heights, California (2017)

Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary! It's a testament to the relationships and quality of personal service you and Al have provided to each of your customers.


R.L., Wichita, Kansas (2016)

We cannot say enough good things about [our cruise]. Plus, we wondered how you managed to get us the spectacular weather! You ARE magic! :) We had the BEST time! I can't imagine a smoother, more enjoyable experience. We thank you so very much for all the thought and energy that went into every detail. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God's blessings to you and Al.

C.G., West Covina, California (2016)

Perfect.. Thank you, you've been amazing!! I'm referring friends to you!!  


R.A., Laguna Hills, California (2013)

You and Al did an amazing job. I cannot say thank you enough for the work you put in to making this one of, if not the best trip of my life. So personally, everything was stellar. You both rock! :)


R.P., Covina, California (2015)

You're the best Vicki!! Thank you for all you've done!! I'll never be able to express my gratitude for your time, your patience in answering all of our questions, and helping us plan this trip as if it were your own. Thank you! Thank you!


R.B., Altadena, California (2014)

Our experience with ScheckTrek Travel was one of satisfaction on the highest level. The communication during the planning and execution of the trip was remarkable. This included travel, destination choices, and financial arrangements. Selected flights proved more comfortable and the accommodations much more class and ambience than expected. All travel details and connections went without flaws or glitches. Highly recommended!


J.S., Exeter, United Kingdom (2013)

Wow! You went above and beyond in preparations and making it all happen. We were thrilled and delighted to be a part of this trip. Please find the completed survey attached, but it will never do justice to the hard work and planning that you put in before, during and after the trip. Fabulous trip, superbly planned and executed. Very many thanks.


A.C., Walnut, CA (2012)

I am referring you to some folks at work! Excellent customer service. I couldn’t have gotten a better deal thru self-service.


D.W., Tyler, Texas (2014)

YOU are amazing!


A.B., Cerritos, California (2012)

The entire vacation ran like a well-oiled machine. Everything was well organized and executed flawlessly. Thanks for your hard work… you also ran like a well-oiled machine! I will gladly recommend you to anyone I know that wants a fantastic vacation.


R.K., San Francisco, California (2013)

As usual, wonderfully thought out—flawless. Thank you!


S.O., Canal Winchester, Ohio (2013)

So many details that you took care of for us. This has been a well-paced trip and a very memorable one. Thank you so much for all your hard work and thoughtfulness. I stand by every word. You did a FABULOUS job.


S.B., Basel, Switzerland (2013)

Thank you so much for all your efforts, preparation, organization for this most wonderful and unforgettable trip! Well, this trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us and we enjoyed it so much. To sum it all up: it was a wonderful, interesting and truly valuable trip, perfectly organized and prepared. We don't see anything that could have been done better. Our compliments!


R.A., Laguna Hills, California (2013)

This was a trip of a lifetime. I am constantly daydreaming about and putting myself back in specific places with all the people. The whole thing was a highlight really….Such an incredible experience.

D.C., Whittier, California (2014)

You’re awesome! There is no way anyone can get this level of service from the internet or a stranger you've never met over the phone.


M.S., Sheridan, Colorado (2013)

Thank you so, so much! It is clear you put in a great deal of time and hard work. We have had a wonderful time! Such an amazing experience! Thank you.


E.M., Pasadena, California (2013)

Thanks for a quality job—very well done down to the last detail.


J.O., Arroyo Grande, California (2013)

Amazing trip! Thanks for all the hard work to make this an awesome time.


J.A., Sylmar, California (2013)

Many thanks, Al and Vicki, for all your hard work on our behalf! A great success in every respect.


P.F., Roseburg, Oregon (2014)

It was a wonderful trip and we had a marvelous time. You guys did an amazing job of putting it together!


T.F., Barrington, Rhode Island (2013)

Thank you for your work and effort—a tremendous success!




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